Wonder – R.J Palacio and Owen Wilson Talk

R.J. Palacio got the idea for Wonder after seeing a girl with a severe facial deformity. In this conversation with Michelle Pauli, he shares what inspired him to write this dazzling middle grade novel. Wonder was first published in 2012, and has since become an international middle grade bestseller. Here’s what he had to say about his work. The film also features Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Izabela Vidovic.


The Teen Titans are a team of superheroes led by the Teen Titans’ leader, Cassie Wonder. Cassie’s power lasso is said to expels lightning from Zeus’s anger, and she has a love interest in Superboy. The two are romantically involved but Cassie eventually decides to break it off when her lover dies. In the series, Cassie joins the team to save Superboy from the Titans, but her feelings for Superboy are a constant source of conflict and resentment.

Julia Roberts

If you loved The Perks of Being a Wallflower, you’ll enjoy Wonder, the upcoming film based on the best-selling novel. Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, and Jacob Tremblay star in this heartwarming story of friendship and determination. Here, they discuss their inspiration for Wonder and how it came to be made into a movie. Wonder is in theaters November 17 and Julia Roberts is just as charming as the book’s protagonist, June.

Owen Wilson

The latest trailer for Owen Wilson’s new film, Wonder, promises to bring tears to the audience. This adaptation of the novel by R.J. Palacio, starring Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson, is sure to leave you in tears. The powerful cast includes Jacob Tremblay from Room, Julia Roberts, and Owen Wilson. If you’re not familiar with the movie, here’s a quick rundown of its plot.

Izabela Vidovic

The iZombie star Izabela Vidovic will return to TV in the spring. Although her name is spelled differently than her character’s, Vidovic’s Wonder is set to return to the small screen in early 2019.

Daveed Diggs

David Anthony “Daveed” Diggs is an American actor and rapper. He is best known for his roles in the critically acclaimed Broadway musical “Hamilton” and in the critically acclaimed film “Blindspotting.” Diggs’ versatile talents are evident in all of his acting roles, including his starring roles in the musicals Hamilton and Wonder. In addition to acting, Daveed is also a musician, singing, and rapping.

Peter Cooper

The story behind Peter Cooper’s character is almost unbelievable. He grew up in north London, was evacuated during the second world war and raised by a trumpeter father. Peter graduated from Manchester University with a first-class degree in psychology. He worked with his mentor, psychologist John Cohen, and began studying children’s perspectives on war and peace. This research would take him to the Sorbonne in Paris, universities in Oslo, and London, and other places. He also became active in the Workers’ Educational Association during the 1960s.