Easy dulce de leche from sweetened condensed milk

A creamy paste that resembles caramel, dulce de leche is most popular throughout Latin America. sweet and creamy with a strong caramel flavour. Delicious on cakes, ice cream, brownies, sandwiches, and other treats. Dulce de Leche, in my opinion, makes practically anything taste better. And creating your own is quite simple.

Many bakes benefit from the delectable addition of dulce de leche. However, it is not always easy to obtain. But did you know that making it is really simple? You should definitely have this basic dish in your repertoire; you won’t regret it.

The dulce de leche can be made in a variety of methods. A few methods that all work include using the stovetop, the (steam) oven, the slow cooker, and the pressure cooker. And I’ll explain how to prepare this delectable caramel cream in this blog.

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Ingredients for a super easy caramel paste recipe

Condensed Milk – Condensed milk is the lone component you actually need. You may purchase this thick, sugared milk in cans or at the grocery store. Some of the moisture has been removed (usually near the coffee creamer).

Use condensed coconut milk for vegan or lactose-free options. Recall that condensed milk without sugar is also available. This won’t produce dulce de leche, therefore you can’t use it.

Method 1: On a stove, how do you make creamy dulce de leche?

Take off the can’s label. Make sure it is covered and place in a pan of water. Water is brought to a boil. After that, turn the heat to a simmer for three hours. Every 30 minutes, check the water level. Can must continue to be submerged (at least 2 inches). If the water level falls too low, add more water.

Take out the can and let it to cool to room temperature. It’s time for the dulce de leche.

Alternative methods of making dulce de leche

The recipes are broken down per condensed milk can. However, you may simply create extra cans at the same time if you are truly looking forward to this delectable treat. This is simple to prepare in a pan, steam oven, pressure cooker, and slow cooker. It is preferable to do this per portion when using the oven and microwave.

Step 2: Bake it in the oven (top and bottom heat or convection)

Set the oven’s thermostat to 390°F/ 220°C. Water is heated till it boils (in the kettle is easy).

Put it in a baking dish after opening the can. Aluminum foil should be used to cover the baking dish.

Put the baking pan inside a bigger baking pan. Both should be put in the oven. Boiling water should be poured halfway up the huge empty baking dish. Shut the oven door.

Every 20 minutes, make sure the water level is still sufficient. If not, fill the water up halfway.

The dulce de leche is prepared after 75 minutes.

Simple and straightforward method 3: use a steam oven

Set the steam oven’s temperature to 210 °F/100 °C.

In a baking pan with holes in the bottom, put the can.

After three to four hours, turn off the oven.

Allow to to room temperature.

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