What Causes Rainbows?

A rainbow is a meteorological phenomenon that results from the scattering of light by water droplets. These light particles travel across the sky and form a circular arc. The rainbow is multicolored and is known as the ‘eye of God’. Learn what causes rainbows. Interested in astronomy? Then, read our […]

What Type of Website Should You Create?

A Website is a collection of web pages with related content, identified by a domain name. The website is published on one or more web servers. Some notable examples of websites are Google, Amazon, Wikipedia, and Facebook. Listed below are some of the most popular types of websites. But which […]

How to Make Punkakes at Home

If you’ve never eaten punkakes, you’re in for a treat! Pancakes are essentially a type of battered bread. They are served as a side dish with a side of syrup or fruit. In some cases, the batter is so thick that it is almost like a pudding. Pancakes have many […]

How to Write a Privacy Policy

What is a Privacy policy? It is a legal document that states how one party will manage your personal information. This document will be useful for you if you’re planning to share sensitive information with another party. This policy outlines your company’s goals and explains how you will handle the […]