Three Ways to Use a PDF to Word Converter

A PDF to Word converter lets you upload a PDF file and then convert it to a Word file with the desired format and layout. A good PDF to Word converter will also preserve the original layout of the document, and even add OCR (optical character recognition) to make it editable. This option improves the results of OCR by considering the language used in the original PDF. Alternatively, you can select Convert with OCR, which can help you convert documents without scanned images.


Among all the PDF to word converters available, WorkinTool is one of the most powerful. The software allows you to convert PDF files to a variety of other formats, including Microsoft Word, Excel, PPT, and JPG. It also lets you combine multiple PDF files into one, compress them to a smaller size, and edit them if you want to. Despite its free-of-charge nature, WorkinTool is worth checking out for its many features.

WorkinTool PDF Converter is available as a desktop and online version. It supports all file types and works on Windows. Users can convert up to four PDF files at a time with this program, and it also allows users to compress and add watermarks to their documents. The desktop version is free for download and requires no Internet connection. Once installed, it can create PDF files in a matter of seconds. The online version also supports batch conversion.


The Able2Extract PDF to Word converter is a good choice for those who want to convert their PDF files into word documents. Its 3-step workflow is straightforward, and it can convert PDF files to Word, Excel, or PowerPoint. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux systems. Users will appreciate its ability to convert multiple files at once. It has a user-friendly interface that will guide new users through the process.

Users can also use the Able2Extract Professional version, which allows them to index pages, assign prefixes and suffixes to the entire document, and upload entire directories. The software helps them extract more information from PDF documents, and can search folders for PDF files. If they need to edit text, they can edit paragraphs or add new pages. This program also converts PDF files to other popular file formats.


One of the many PDF to Word converters on the market is Smallpdf. This application specializes in converting both native and scanned PDF files to Microsoft Word format. Its advanced technology ensures that the files are converted with the highest quality and quickest speed possible. Its mobile apps are compatible with Windows, Mac, and Android operating systems. And because the program has a strong international presence, users can download the app and use it for free without the need to install it.

As an online tool, the PDF to Word converter by Smallpdf can help you convert PDF files to Microsoft Word. It is free and runs right in your browser. It also supports all major browsers, including Windows. Smallpdf provides you with an array of useful tools to use with PDF documents. Using the program to convert a PDF to Word is a great way to share documents with colleagues and family. And it can save you money as well, since it only costs a few cents.


While Adobe PDFs are one of the most reliable file formats, they haven’t always been easy to convert. Many PDF conversion solutions struggle to preserve complex PDF features, forcing you to reproduce documents manually. However, you don’t have to spend hours copying and pasting a single document to get a word document of the same quality. Here are three ways to use an Adobe PDF to word converter. Listed below are some benefits and drawbacks of using PDF to word converters.

One of the major advantages of PDF to Word conversion is that you don’t have to pay a hefty price to convert your files. The free trial period lasts seven days, but once you’ve exhausted your free trial, you can purchase a yearly subscription to a PDF to word converter. The software also allows you to edit PDFs without the need for expensive PDF editors. Lastly, you can download and use the software locally.

Adobe Acrobat

If you need to convert a PDF file into a Word document, there are many options available. Using a free conversion tool such as Adobe Acrobat can be a good option if you are unsure which software to use. But if you want a more accurate conversion, you can also use an Adobe Acrobat subscription. Acrobat is a software that lets you convert PDF files to Word documents for a one-time fee of $1.99 per month.

You can also use a freemium program to convert PDFs to Word files. Many of these programs allow you to upload a PDF file and choose which conversion process to use. Once you’re done, you can send the converted files to numerous locations, such as email, cloud storage, and more. You can also choose to use a software’s 14-day trial period before purchasing the program. To download the freemium version, follow the installation instructions provided.

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