The Skyline of Targeted Proteomics

The definition of skyline is an outline near the horizon, usually created by urban structures, or by nature. Human intervention can produce a skyline in a rural area, but in most cases, natural phenomena are the determining factors. Using an application such as Skyline will allow you to create and analyze targeted proteomics methods with ease. Read on to learn more about this free and open source Windows client application. You’ll want to check out its special effects.

Skyline is a free-available and open source Windows client application for targeted proteomics method creation and data analysis

In recent years, the field of targeted proteomics has gained significant attention, but the available tools have been either proprietary or limited. Skyline was created explicitly to speed up experimentation and promote broad sharing of results across instrument platforms. The free software is based on the Apache 2.0 license and is available for many proteomics labs. It is not yet widely used in the field, but it is intended to serve this purpose.

The program includes several features that simplify the process of data analysis and method creation. Statistical process control (SPC) is a set of robust statistical tools for visualizing and detecting process variation. Several aspects of SPC are implemented in Skyline proteomics software, including five quality control metrics. It supports raw data files from several mass spectrometry vendors.

It uses SRM mass spectrometer files

When working with SRM mass spectrometer files, it’s essential to import them into Skyline. The program allows you to import both native and portable format SRM files, and it caches them to speed up analysis. You can use Skyline to calculate peak area ratios, assign isotope modifications, and analyze complex experiments. This software is also capable of displaying chromatogram graph panes simultaneously, up to 10 per spectrometer.

You can use Skyline to process your spectrometer data as well as the ion intensity chromatograms of your proteins and peptides. You can use chromatogram libraries, which contain a representative chromatogram and peak areas for each protein or peptide. This way, you can validate your peptide identification. Similarly, you can process full scan mass spectral data with Skyline.

It supports a variety of public spectral library formats

There are a variety of formats available for spectral data. Skyline can read these formats and build biblioSpec libraries based on the results of peptide searches. Using these libraries, users can access the library features for spectral matches. The libraries can also be stored in PeptideAtlas. To learn more about these formats, read the following sections. Listed below are a few of the most popular formats supported by Skyline.

Spectral reference materials (SRM) are a common tool used for quantitative proteomics. Skyline supports this workflow by fully supporting the analysis of peptide data. The user can define either heavy or static isotope modifications and assign them to peptides. Once a peptide has been assigned an SRM, Skyline will automatically calculate its ratio with an internal standard. Users can also edit integration boundary settings directly in the software.

It has special effects

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It will be available in July 2021

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