The 12 Biggest Trends for Spring 2023

Heavy Cargo

Large pockets sewn onto pants are now required, especially with the introduction of the tiny bag. Small purses that can only hold a bank card and lip gloss necessitate finding alternative storage spaces. Pouches were attached to dresses like fanny packs at Prada and Vuitton, while Versace and Sacai created riffs on a more conventional cargo pant.

Column Dressing

Old Hollywood, you’ve had it with me. The modern interpretation of a column dress is stylish, expertly made, and includes unexpected details (like the elasticated drop-waist on Standing Ground’s version).


Fringe, a playful, textured element that was present at almost each show this season represents one of the trends that will be most widely adopted for fall 2022. Particular emphasis Schouler, Jil Sanders, Michael Alexander, and Bottega Veneta were our top picks.

The Grace Jones Effect

The renowned singer as well as artist Grace Jones may have walked on red carpet for the first time in months last passing friday to attend the Knives Out: Glass Onion premiere in London, but she has been dishing out looks for decades upon decades. Aware by its heritage, designers like Saint Laurent and Alaa incorporated her trademark hood into their spring 2023 lines.

The New White Shirt

Last year, polka dots commonly appeared on many runways, whether they were subtle (Burberry) or over-the-top and outlandish (San Laurent). Our attention was especially captured by Marni’s performance, which had a vintage, lava lamp feel.

Spottie Dottie

Last year, the polka dot appeared frequently of numerous runways, if it was moderate (Burberry) or all-over and outrageous (San Laurent). We were particularly captivated with Marni’s rendition, which had a retro, lava lamp vibe.


Eat your heart out, Bob Ross. Bright colours this season have a watery appearance, melting together like a sunset or lakeside scene in a painting.

Honey, I Shrunk the Jackets

The teeny jacket was in vogue and for tiny blazer was always in vogue for teeny jackets had been a favourite is for teeny jacket was in vogue for the teeny jacket was a hot item for the teeny jacket was a Demna created his version in candy apple down at Balenciaga, while Coperni’s was a play on the traditional peacoat.

A Rosette by Any Other Name

Here’s my chance to add a unique spin to the florals-for-spring cliché: including a flower about any design will make her ensemble a dreamy, whimsical feel.

Prep School

This is not your typical Blair Waldorf-approved approach to prep. Designers gave traditionally posh looks an upgrade for spring 2023, pumping up volume and length while adding unique accessories to the mix.


And this year has already seen a number of historic events, with more to come. Ferrari debuted 1st assortment for Saturday, January 13, following Paolo Michele’s announcement of his resignation from the company, which he converted into a maximalist, gender-neutral global phenomenon after being named creative director in 2015. Their succession has not yet been named, but industry insiders are anxiously anticipating that news. In the interim, a team of designers working for the company itself is creating the collections. 

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